doors with identity

The Door is the second most important wooden element for the any architectural building, specially the residential ones.

The main doors play a major roll for the exterior, while the internal doors do the magic for the interior design, that’s way understanding the types of doors design that’s suites each architectural/ interior design makes all the deference for the final out come, and when it comes to understanding; NAS become you destination, we give you the right material, treatment, and precautions which deliver your dream design aligned with the ultimate carpentry knowhow.

Massive doors


Massive door is a term refer to the framed doors sashes, regardless the filling part, which means that you can have a frame sash with a MDF panel in between, but still it called massive door, the ultimate is to have it all in solid wood, many famous kind of wood are common in such type, such as Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Pitch Pine….etc.

Usually it’s used for entrance doors, because it’s high ressitanant for the outdoors conditions, and it’s more safe than the other kinds of doors.

Sure massive doors can be used for interior doors when it comes to certain style or high end quality interiors.

flush doors


The term is recently become virial because it’s very much related to the modern styles interiors, so when it comes to modern designs the flush door is the key.

The flush door consist of regular frame and architrave like any other door, but when it comes to the leaf you’ll have a sub-frame, a cladding board for the face, and a fill in between, each of the three components has some choices for its material, example beech sub frame, a honeycomb for the fill and two panels of MDF 6mm thick. for the cladding which usually covered with a veneer.

Many other door types are invented every now and then, but the principles stays the same, the good news is that you don’t have to study it all, you only have to com to NAS with your primitive idea or design, and we will carry it all for your shoulders, thanks to our 18 years of experience which gave us the technical knowhow, the right tools and the eye of the specialist to give you the perfect yet affordable solution to your project.