windows with perspective

Windows are architectural elements determine the relationship between inner spaces and outdoor. They are tool to control conditions of the outdoor environment in its different elements: heat, sunlight, wind, dust, noise, and views.

Traditional wooden windows were dealing successfully with some of these elements (preventing heat, controlling sun light, achieving privacy), where controlling the rest of the elements was not necessary due to life style in this period.

Since controlling all elements of the outdoor environment has become a need for contemporary lifestyle, the wooden windows are stereotyped and standardized to serve the modern movement and lack ability of control. Meanwhile other windows that have been developed and manufactured in different materials not only failed to guarantee enough control but also weaken the Egyptian character in local architecture. NAS took its role to develop the solution of wooden window to address the contemporary needs through providing more control in the elements of the outdoor environment to facilitate comfort in the living spaces, and to reuse the window as a tool to explore and regain the Egyptian character in architecture.

window sections

NAS Window Solutions are variable to opining size, proportions, and location in the room, so we keep working to find out the most suitable way of open the window sashes easy without dropping any controlling element, and keeping the look elegant. So here are the section that we now use, to design your window:

shutter solutions

NAS Shutter is one of the most powerful features in the window solution,
that’s because its:

Movable louvers witch allow the maximum control, with minimum effort.
• Flexibility to cover any opining dimensions becase of it’s varios way of opining an mechanisms.
• Possibility to be cractrized to match the architectural treatments.
• Possibility to be fixed on any other window with any other material.
• Possibility to be fixed from outside or become an internal shutter. To add more beauty to the interior design, and become much easier to control.